The need for a housecoat

The dress is firmly anchored in the housecoat story and vice versa. In the 1950s, the robe embodies the glamor that Hollywood embodies over the years of the screen. In the 1950s, female clothing was a woman, a post-Great Depression period. The 1950s were known for the wealth of the postwar period and an increase in leisure activities. It was the end of the war, and after so much minimalism, women longed for luxurious fabrics and dresses that accentuated their feminine forms. The cinema became generally accessible and the women drew inspiration from the hourglass shapes and embrace designs of the figures that adorned the giant screens, women celebrated in their femininity.

The most emblematic protagonists of the canvas (just to name a few) always had a dress within reach, both inside and outside the screen. Because of their popularity among these sirens with silver trays, the robe quickly became a symbol of femininity, glamor, elegance, sensuality, and opulence.

At that moment, the theater would consider the heavy kisses and the unbelievable taboo moments of passion, most films would avoid something daring for fear of offending the public. A scene showing a lady in her robe in the presence of a male company would suffice to indicate that a passionate embrace has existed or would continue. Therefore, the robe often symbolizes intimacy and passion.

We are still moving today and it seems that the attributes of the evening tunic are not lost among the spectacle girls of today. That same month, Rihanna took the stage on the opening night of her « Loud » tour, wearing a pale blue satin gown on the floor and looking as glamorous as her predecessors on the 1950s screen.The robes are no longer reserved just for the costumes and the stage, as more and more celebrities have been seen at red carpet events gracing beautiful satin dresses that look very much like a dress. I like to think that this style statement may be the Hollywood glamor of the 1950s or a sign that elegance, sophistication and glamor are here.

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