A Housecoat & A Bathrobe

The Main Difference Between A Housecoat & A Bathrobe

Luxury robes are one of the most purchased garments in the world. Generally, people prefer something that is comfortable and elegant to cover their body parts. The name implicates that bathrobes are meant for wearing in bathrooms only, but a number of people support it even when they are at home. Robes are also termed as gown, housecoat, house gear, and so on.

Difference between Bathrobe and Housecoat
A bathing robe is called so because it has a towel like fabric. When you wear it, it seems like a heavy towel. Its textile is absorbent and it soaks up the moisture and gives you the warmth, when you get in it, before or after having a bath. It is a homely article of clothing. It is strongly suggested to not to wear at formal occasions.

A housecoat or gown is a long coat, generally worn at home. It is loose-fitting kimono type garment, which is open from front. It has a fabric belt at the waist to give the wearer a perfect fit. It can be of any natural or synthetic fabric.

The difference between bathing gowns and housecoats is the quality of fabric. The quality of the textile of bathing gown will be of superior quality. There will be comfortable cotton fabric in it, because people, usually, wear it with nothing under it. If it will have a synthetic fabric, it might leave some harmful side effects. On the other hand, the textile of the house gown could be either natural or synthetic.

The design of bathrobes – Bathrobes nowadays are made as housecoats, which people like to wear when they are at home, or at beach, or by the pool. There are a number of design and style options available. The most well-liked color for these gears is white or light pink. Men usually, favor White, while women prefer gowns of pink and other chic colors. Following are a few most popular designs of bathrobes for both men and women:

Ribbed Robes
The fabric in these types of gowns is ribbed and has alternate vertical or horizontal lines that are created by sewing the material.

Zigzag Robes
The textile in these kinds of bathing dress has crisscrossed designs of different (generally two) colors. The designs in zigzag gowns, if seen closely, look like the English letter ‘Z’.

It is something quite alike the previous zigzag type, but its design has parallel horizontal or vertical wave like theme.

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