The housecoat or dressing gown

housecoat or dressing gownThe dress has many names. You may have known since the humble robe and ancient druids have probably seen it as a long robe. Although the housecoat or dressing gown were probably designed slightly differently for outdoor use, they probably differ in the materials used. Since they are mainly used after a bath, the materials used to build one are generally a kind of absorbent cloth. One of the best fabrics to absorb moisture is cotton. However, it can also be found in luxurious silk, wool and, for inexpensive styles, nylon. There were some periods when the robe really stood out in terms of popularity.

The fifties are one of those periods. Hollywood was the vehicle that increased its screen time in the many popular films produced during this period. After the global economic crisis, women’s clothing was considered extremely feminine. The 1950s saw the end of austerity in the Depression era and luxury and spending increased. After the austerity of the war, women longed for luxury in the form of clothing, fabrics and leisure activities. The cinemas were easier to reach and the women were thrilled with the Hollywood fashion celebrating the hourglass figures and the clothing that accentuated these forms.

As the intimate scenes of kisses and passions on the big screen were frowned upon, the sight of a woman in a robe with a captain often showed that a passionate encounter had taken place or was taking place. The glamor the robe represents has a lot to do with Hollywood because it has become synonymous with film because it is the epitome of all things, sensual, glamorous and luxurious. Many celebrities like to be photographed in a robe. It makes the pictures look glamorous and connects them to a time when glamor and luxury went hand in hand. Many celebrities appeared on stage, wore robes and played numbers on their tours.

Perhaps the combination of practical warmth and elegant femininity is the key to choosing them for their number on the stage. There are also models, actresses, and singers who have decided to wear robes off the stage. The robes prevent the costumes between the routines from becoming dirty and many well-known singers have seen them. The robe has evolved and many beautiful clothes have been designed for the red carpet. They show the shape of the user and convey a sense of regained elegance and sensuality.

Although the dresses have similarities, the elegance, the fit and feminine appeal of the dress make the designs stand out. It goes back to the glamorous days of the fifties and sixties, when they showed their wealth, style and status, a little over the top, but still awaited by the Hollywood movie legends. They embody the appeal of Hollywood life and the lifestyle of the rich and famous, as well as the carefree life of movie stars. Clothes are not for everyone, but their recovery has certainly been well received by many who want to experience the beauty of life and the feeling of feminine charm.

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